Disease split


Le Conseil d’administration du Fonds mondial a adopté une nouvelle répartition des ressources entre les trois maladies

15 Nov 2021
Le Conseil d’administration du Fonds mondial, à sa 46e réunion, a augmenté les ressources potentielles affectées à la tuberculose tout en préservant la lutte contre le VIH et le paludisme

À l’occasion de sa réunion, le Conseil d’administration a dû discuter de l’éternel sujet brûlant de la répartition des ressources entre les trois maladies à l’échelle mondiale et parvenir à une décision, après que les discussions lors de la réunion des 5 et 6 octobre du Comité de la stratégie n’ont pas abouti à une recommandation.


Global Fund Board adopted a new global disease split

11 Nov 2021
The 46th Global Fund Board meeting increased potential resources for tuberculosis while protecting HIV and malaria

Always a hot topic, this Board meeting had to discuss and decide on the global disease split as the Strategy Committee’s (SC) earlier discussions on 5 and 6 October did not lead to any recommendation.


“Against this grim backdrop, there is still much to be proud of in how the Global Fund partnership has responded to the crisis” says Peter Sands

10 Nov 2021
The Executive Director reports to the 46th Board meeting

As is customary, the Board meeting began its 46th session with the report by the Executive Director Peter Sands, who reviewed the Secretariat's activities over 2021. He began his speech with a gloomy assessment, regretting the devastating effects of COVID-19 and the damage to HIV, tuberculosis (TB), and malaria (HTM) progress.


Discussion, but no decisions yet on changes to the allocation methodology for 2017-2019

23 Nov 2015
Proposed methodology will be developed at the SIIC meeting in February 2016
EECA organizations ask for more communications and consultations

The allocation methodology for 2017-2019 was much discussed at the Board meeting on 16-17 November. There were two slots on the agenda devoted to this topic, but the Board was not asked to make any decisions.


Dybul Explains Transition Disease Split

11 Mar 2013

Global Fund Executive Director Mark Dybul says that the disease split for the funding allocated to early and interim applicants in the transition phase of the new funding model (NFM) should not be viewed in isolation, but rather in the context of all funding for 2013–2014.

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