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Update on Global Fund Resource Mobilization and the Seventh Replenishment Action Plan

10 Nov 2021
Planning for – and managing – a tougher fiscal environment

Despite the challenging and competitive environment during 2020-2021, the Global Fund has been able to demonstrate its continued relevance. However, there has been increasing pressure on Official Development Assistance (ODA) and Development Assistance for Health budgets and significant domestic fiscal challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Global Fund’s Head of Donor Relations looks back on 16 months of campaigning for the Sixth Replenishment

15 Nov 2019
Dianne Stewart says mobilization of international community “went beyond political, sectoral and other divisions”

GFO: What made this Replenishment a unique 'moment' in the life of the Global Fund?


Global Fund resource mobilization efforts on track in leadup to Sixth Replenishment, Board is told

16 May 2019
External relations director emphasizes importance of civil society and communities’ roles

The Global Fund’s Director of External Relations, Francoise Vanni, presented to the Board an update on the Global Fund’s resource mobilization efforts at the Board’s 41st meeting, held in Geneva on 15-16 May.  


Sixth Replenishment success is main focus of Global Fund’s resource mobilization

15 Nov 2018
Investment Case will be shared with Board by end of January

The Global Fund’s new Director of External Relations, Francoise Vanni, presented highlights of the Global Fund’s preparation for the Sixth Replenishment to the 40th Global Fund Board meeting, held in Geneva on 14-15 November.  


Former Director of External Relations reflects on 15 years of resource mobilization at the Global Fund

6 Nov 2018
“Much has depended on very strong advocacy from civil society around the world”

Dr. Christoph Benn was the Director of External Relations for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria from 2003 to 2018, and was a member of the founding Board of the Global Fund in 2002.


Update on Global Fund resource mobilization: lessons learned from Fifth Replenishment, early outlook for Sixth

12 Dec 2017
The Fund faces a tough global development environment going into its next replenishment drive

Le Conseil adopte une nouvelle stratégie pour 2017- 2022 : « Investir pour mettre fin aux Epidémies »

9 May 2016
Une importance accrue donnée aux systèmes de santé, aux droits de l’Homme et à l’égalité de genre

Le Conseil du Fonds mondial a approuvé une stratégie pour guider l'organisation pour les six prochaines années.

« La stratégie du Fonds mondial 2017-2022: Investir pour mettre fin aux Epidémies » – s’articule autour de quatre objectifs stratégiques, comme suit:


Board adopts new Strategy for 2017-2022: “Investing to End Epidemics”

27 Apr 2016
Increased emphasis on health systems, human rights and gender equality

The Global Fund Board has approved a strategy to guide the organization for the next six years.

“The Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022: Investing to End Epidemics” – is built around four strategic objectives, as follows:


Le Fonds mondial opte pour une stratégie de mobilisation des ressources déclinée en trois axes

7 Apr 2015
La prochaine reconstitution des ressources débutera par une réunion préparatoire organisée au Japon en décembre 2015

Le Japon s’est proposé pour organiser en décembre 2015 la réunion préparatoire à la cinquième conférence des donateurs du Fonds mondial, mettant ainsi en exergue l’effort de mobilisation des ressources avant le lancement officiel de la reconstitution des ressources mi-2016.


Global Fund in three-pronged approach to resource mobilization

2 Apr 2015
Next replenishment will kick off with pre-meeting in Japan in December 2015

Japan has volunteered to host a pre-meeting for the Global Fund's 5th replenishment conference, kicking off the major resource mobilization effort in December 2015 ahead of the official launch of replenishment in mid-2016.


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