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Racism in the aid sector

27 Jul 2022
A ‘must-read’ for all of us that has largely gone unnoticed

On 14 June 2022, a report was released in the United Kingdom that seems to have gone somewhat unnoticed, even though the subject it deals with is of major importance to us as development actors who constantly seek to improve ourselves.


COVID-19 pandemic sparks increase in foreign aid, but for how long?

21 Apr 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe since its emergence in 2019. By 16 April 2021, 140 million people had contracted the new coronavirus, and close to three million had died. The pandemic and measures taken to stop its spread, including lockdowns and border closures, have had catastrophic and devastating impacts on other disease outcomes.


Five G7 countries have increased their pledges for 2020-2022 compared to last Replenishment, with United States and France still to announce

24 Sep 2019
G7 countries’ contributions to Global Fund have grown steadily since Fund’s inception

As the Global Fund approaches the replenishment of funds for the next implementation period, 2020 to 2022, some of its traditional major donors have already announced their pledges.


Urgent Call for Action regarding Global Fund financing

10 Aug 2005

To: Global Fund supporters around the world

From: Rita Arauz Molina, Global Fund board member representing Developing Country NGOs

Peter van Rooijen, Global Fund board member representing Developed Country NGOs

Anandi Yuvaraj, Global Fund board member representing communities living with HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria

Date: 10 August 2005

Re: Urgent Call for Action regarding Global Fund financing


Brown and Chirac Propose New Ideas to Finance the Global Fund

1 Feb 2005

Two world leaders, Gordon Brown of the UK and Jacques Chirac of France, have proposed radical new mechanisms that would, if implemented, provide major increases in funding for the fight against AIDS in general and the Global Fund in particular.


Global Fund Launches Public Awareness Campaign

20 Sep 2004

The Global Fund has launched a campaign in France to raise awareness about the Fund. It will feature advertisements in nearly 40 French magazines and newspapers, on several French television channels, and in the largest network of cinemas in France. By early next year the campaign will extend to Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK.


US Unlikely to Contribute is Full Global Fund Pledge; UK Also Disappoints the Fund

22 Aug 2004

The US is likely not to hand over a small portion of its 2004 pledge to the Global Fund. In January, the US Congress appropriated $547 million to be given to the Global Fund during 2004, on condition that the amount given by the US does not exceed 33% of all donations made this year. It now seems unlikely that contributions from non-US donors will be enough to permit the US to hand over its full $547 m. pledge.


From the GFO Editor

23 Jan 2003
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