Terms of Reference for Communications Consultant

As the current Global Fund Strategy (2017 – 2022) is coming to an end, plans are underway for the implementation of the new Global Fund Strategy (2023 – 2028). Building on lessons learnt from the current strategy’s operationalisation, the forthcoming Strategy 2023 – 2028 aims to:

  • Maximize people-centred integrated systems for health to deliver impact, resilience and sustainability
  • Maximize the engagement and leadership of most affected communities
  • Maximize health equity, gender equality and human rights

Understanding the new Strategy will be central to the development of an Aidspan Communications Strategy which will have to reflect and respond to the Global Fund’s priorities.

The objective of this assignment is to develop a Communications Strategy aimed at increasing awareness of and knowledge about Aidspan and its work over the next period 2023-20???; to prepare an accompanying detailed work plan and a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework; and to prepare an accompanying detailed budget for the work plan’s implementation.


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