Our outreach work aims to build the analytical capacity of other watchdogs to monitor, evaluate and report the impact of health financing in their countries. We explain, observe and critique what is happening at country level to the funds that flow from the Global Fund, linking that where needed to similar global health initiatives. All work enhances knowledge by others about and engagement with Global Fund processes, policies and systems, pushing for critical dialogue and positive change.

We do the following:

  1. Watch aid flows and related systems, emphasizing global health programs like the Global Fund. Through evidence-based critique, our work enhances knowledge about Global Fund processes, and enhances access to and use of relevant information and data.

  2. Explore watchdog models, seeking best practice to help maximize results and improve legitimacy among watchdogs at country level.



Africa Health Watch

A practitioner’s platform designed to build legitimacy for health monitors in the East and Southern Africa region.

It leverages the expertise and experience of different types of local organizations, technical agencies, donor agencies and established watchdog agencies. It allows partners to exchange ideas, including projects or efforts that have failed and those that have worked.

All partners will work as peers, benefiting from access to each other’s technical and other resources.