Grants by Country

The information provided here is based entirely on data obtained from the Global Fund, most of which is on the Fund's website. The Aidspan web server checks every three hours for possible new data at the Fund's website.

Every few months, the Global Fund assigns each grant a rating that measures the performance of that grant over the past few months. These ratings are A1 (“Exceeds expectations”), A2 (“Meets expectations”), B1 (“Adequate”), B2 (“Inadequate but potential demonstrated”) or C (“Unacceptable”). In the map below, we show the average rating assigned by the Global Fund since January 2010 for grants to each country. Where a country has had fewer than four ratings assigned, no average rating is shown.

Countries of the world, showing average Global Fund rating since January 2010
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A1 Exceeds expectations
A Good performance
A2 Meets expectations
B1 Adequate
B2 Inadequate but potential
C Unacceptable
N/A Not available
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*Countries in white are not Global Fund grant implementers.
*Hovering over an implementing country on the map, reveals the grant portfolio information for that country.