Grant Performance Analysis

Aidspan has developed a data tool that allows for the comparison and analysis of grant performance by a number of different criteria: region, country, disease component, health system or principal recipient.

Grant performance is assessed according to a ratings scale developed by the Global Fund. Aidspan has done no independent assessment of the performance of the grants.

Comparisons may be done over time or at a certain point in time. Grant performance data available for analysis using the Aidspan data tool is as complete as it is on the Global Fund website. This means that performance ratings may not be as comprehensive for certain grants, or certain countries, owing to gaps in reporting.

Each line graph joins temporal points that reflect the completeness of the data available from the Global Fund. Graphs can be single lines reflecting a grant’s performance over time or layered lines comparing different countries, regions or disease components.

Each graph’s line should be labelled as precisely and completely as possible for ease of identification for future analysis.

The tool automatically limits the number of available data points based on selected filters.

For best use of the tool each line graph should be named precisely and completely. To compare multiple lines, click ‘Add Graph’ to clear filters and enter new criteria selection.

For a more detailed tutorial, please click here.

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