Country Level Accountability

Country Level Accountability: In collaboration with the Outreach Department, this theme aims to provide practical solutions to in-country accountability challenges. As donor funds decline and returns on investment become more important, understanding by monitors of the mechanisms around governance and accountability in health systems becomes more critical. Aidspan will carry out in depth Case Studies of East and Southern African Countries and use the information to develop a Health System Accountability Index which can be utilized by governments, NGOs, watchdogs, and other interested parties.

Recent Reports

Mapping Accountability Mechanisms
26 Jun 2015

In the past decade, many initiatives have been developed to strengthen oversight and accountability especially in the health sector. The primary aim has been to strengthen risk management, reduce corruption, increase performance, and achieve better results, through various mechanisms. However, to understand how accountability is working for Global Fund finance, Aidspan has identified a need for a more detailed mapping of the formal and informal mechanisms. This review is the first part of that broad objective and will be followed by in-depth country case studies from Eastern and Southern Africa.

Conflict of Interest in Country Coordinating Mechanisms: An Aidspan Survey
21 Jan 2014

This research paper highlights some of the main areas of conflict of interest within country coordination mechanisms (CCMs) that can compromise the process of principal recipient selection or grant implementation. The survey of 33 CCM members from seven countries will serve as a baseline from which future examinations about the extent of conflict of interest within CCMs will be derived.