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Le GTRE recommande le maintien des subventions multipays et des initiatives stratégiques, avec toutefois certaines améliorations

8 Nov 2021
Il est d’avis que ces deux types d’investissement apportent une plus-value, chacun à leur manière

Le Groupe technique de référence en évaluation (GTRE) a recommandé que le Fonds mondial continue d’investir dans les subventions multipays et les initiatives stratégiques, qui, chacune à leur manière, apportent une plus-value, comme il ressort de deux évaluations indépendantes (une pour chaque type d’investissement à effet catalyseur).


Strategic Initiatives align with Global Fund Strategic Objectives but only cover some of the challenges affecting the achievement of the Fund’s goals

3 Nov 2021
Strategic Initiatives are not adequately focused on accelerating their intended outcomes despite being designed to do so

Between April and July 2021, the Technical Evaluation Reference Group (TERG) commissioned an evaluation to assess the extent to which Strategic Initiatives (SIs) have achieved their intended objectives. The evaluation revealed that although SIs are aligned with Global Fund’s objectives and are relevant to programmatic needs, they only address some of the important challenges affecting the realization of the organization's goals.


TERG recommends the continuation of multi-country grants and strategic initiatives, albeit with improvements

3 Nov 2021
It believes that both types of investments add value in their own ways

The Technical Evaluation and Reference Group (TERG) has recommended that the Global Fund continue investing in the multi-country grants (MCGs) and Strategic Initiatives (SIs) as both add value in their own ways, as noted in two recent independent evaluations (one for each type of catalytic investment).


Global Fund Board approves 26 catalytic funding priorities for 2020-2022

16 May 2019
A decision on budget awaits outcome of Sixth Replenishment pledging conference

The amount of funding set aside for catalytic investments for 2020-2022, the next allocation period; which catalytic priorities will be funded; and to what extent they will be funded, will all depend on how much money is available for allocation following the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment pledging conference in October 2019.


Global Fund Board adopts a CCM Policy and a new CCM Code of Conduct

12 May 2018
The CCM Policy replaces the current CCM Guidelines

The Global Fund Board has approved a new CCM Policy, which replaces the Guidelines and Requirements for Country Coordinating Mechanisms (hereinafter, CCM Guidelines). The Board delegated authority to the Strategy Committee to approve amendments to the CCM Policy.


Update on funding requests, grant approvals and other funding modalities

12 Dec 2017
To date, the Board has approved grants representing 83% of the total allocation for 2017-2019

Global Fund announces plans for $260 million allocated to multi-country approaches

8 Aug 2017
A combination of pre-identified applicants and competitive applications will be used

The Global Fund has unveiled its plans for the $260 million earmarked for multi-country approaches in the 2017-2019 allocations. The multi-country funding is part of a larger pot of money ($800 million) set aside for catalytic investments.


More information on catalytic investments

17 Apr 2017
Matching Funds, Multi-Country Approaches and Strategic Initiatives described

At its 36th meeting in November 2016, the Global Fund Board approved $800 million for catalytic investments. Gemma Oberth previously reported on this new funding stream here and here.


Catalytic investments: $800 million for matching funds, multi-country approaches, and strategic initiatives

17 Nov 2016
There will be a lot more funding for strategic initiatives and multi-country programs

The Global Fund Board has approved $800 million to be set aside for catalytic investments over the 2017-2019 grant cycle. These investments are intended to catalyze country allocations to ensure they deliver results against the aims of 2017-2022 Global Fund Strategy.

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