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Le Conseil d’administration du Fonds mondial a adopté une nouvelle répartition des ressources entre les trois maladies

15 Nov 2021
Le Conseil d’administration du Fonds mondial, à sa 46e réunion, a augmenté les ressources potentielles affectées à la tuberculose tout en préservant la lutte contre le VIH et le paludisme

À l’occasion de sa réunion, le Conseil d’administration a dû discuter de l’éternel sujet brûlant de la répartition des ressources entre les trois maladies à l’échelle mondiale et parvenir à une décision, après que les discussions lors de la réunion des 5 et 6 octobre du Comité de la stratégie n’ont pas abouti à une recommandation.


Global Fund Board adopted a new global disease split

11 Nov 2021
The 46th Global Fund Board meeting increased potential resources for tuberculosis while protecting HIV and malaria

Always a hot topic, this Board meeting had to discuss and decide on the global disease split as the Strategy Committee’s (SC) earlier discussions on 5 and 6 October did not lead to any recommendation.


Recommended Updates to Risk Appetite

10 Nov 2021
How the Global Fund manages risk in a time of great uncertainty



Global Fund Board sets risk appetite levels for nine key organizational risks, along with target risk levels and timeframes for achieving the targets

12 May 2018
The Risk Appetite levels have been set at the current risk levels

Until the Global Fund defines its risk appetite, it can’t know what level of assurance is required: OIG audit

9 Jan 2018
Assurance activities are insufficiently aligned to highest risk areas
Programmatic and health product risks have supplanted financial risk in the rankings

“The work on defining risk appetite is in its early stage and until [it is] sufficiently advanced, there is limited guidance on the required level of assurance.” This is one of main conclusions of an audit by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of in-country assurance.


Risk management processes at the Global Fund need significant improvement, OIG audit report says

13 Jun 2017
Weaknesses in oversight and accountability identified at Board and senior management levels

In its annual report, prepared for the Board meeting on 3-4 May 2017, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) said that the Global Fund is making “significant progress” in managing risks (see GFO article).


Global Fund making “distinct progress” in managing risk: OIG

30 May 2017
One area that has not been adequately addressed is risk appetite

In its annual report for 2016, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) said that although significant gaps remain, distinct progress is being made across the six key areas of the risk architecture (see figure below).

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