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A busy week for Global Fund Committee members

7 Oct 2022
First look at the topics on the upcoming Committees’ agendas

It’s that time of year again! Global Fund Board members will assemble for the Board’s 48th meeting to be held between 15 and 17 November. So, between 10 and 14 October the Secretariat will host the 20th series of Committee meetings in preparation for that Board meeting, bringing Committee members together to discuss and recommend, as needed, decisions to be endorsed by the Board.


First look at the topics on the upcoming Global Fund Committees’ agendas

29 Jun 2022
A packed agenda for Committee members

Between 5 and 8 July the Global Fund will hold its 19th series of Committee meetings ¾ the Strategy Committee (SC) on 5/6 July, followed by the Audit & Finance Committee (AFC) on 6/7 July and Ethics & Governance Committee (EGC) on 7/8 July.

Strategy Committee topics

Virtual, pre-meeting items

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