Termes de référence de l’étude sur les dispositifs de protection et d’accompagnement juridique des victimes de violation des droits humains

L’un des sujets qui émerge fortement des dernières rencontres présentielles et virtuelles des organisations de la société civile (OSC) de personnes vivant avec le VIH (PvVIH) et de populations clés (PC) concerne la protection juridique des groupes vulnérables face aux abus et aux violations des droits humains. 

CONSULTANCY: Mapping of accountability and audit arrangements of government-managed health programs in Mozambique

AIDSPAN, the independent observer of the Global Fund to Fight HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria (www.aidspan.org), is implementing the third phase of a project titled 'Enhancing the capacity of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) to perform finance, compliance, and

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Global Fund Investments in Adolescents and Youth in Eastern and Southern Africa for the years 2018-2021

The Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (hereafter the Global Fund) was established in 2002 as a major financier of health programs. The Global Fund spends about $4 billion a year to finance programs implemented by local experts (Global Fund, 2018c) in more than 100 countries. The Global Fund invests in those diseases following a funding cycle of about three years. The current grant allocation period covers the years 2017 – 2019 and its implementation period 2018 to 2020. There are a few transition months to prepare for the next allocation period.

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GFO Issue 316

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Wed, 2017-07-19


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Eagerly anticipating new funding cycle allocation letters

Dear subscribers

Surely the most discussed topic within the Global Fund and among countries themselves must be the 2023-2025 allocation letters which are imminently about to be sent out? Countries must be waiting for their arrival with some trepidation, concerned...

8 Dec 2022

Early lessons from the implementation of a standalone health system strengthening grant in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Since its inception, the Global Fund has invested $9.4 billion in strengthening health systems and $4.9 billion of this is in the current cycle, which began in January 2021. For the first time in 2020, countries had been asked to identify a specific envelope for health system strengthening (HSS...

7 Dec 2022

Countries will soon be informed of their Global Fund allocations for the 2023-2025 funding cycle

Countries eligible for Global Fund funding in the 2023-2025 allocation period are waiting for the Global Fund Secretariat to inform them of their overall country allocations for this next funding cycle, for HIV, TB, malaria (HTM), and resilient and sustainable systems for health (RSSH). For the...

7 Dec 2022

Board thematic discussions on gender

At the 48th meeting of the Global Fund Board, members were treated to two Thematic Discussions, one on gender and the other on communities. The gender thematic presentation was based on the Gender Thematic Report.

This article summarizes the important points of the Board presentation and...

7 Dec 2022

Time to accept that we do not know how to prepare for pandemics

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the global lack of pandemic preparedness. Despite drastic measures, containment failed, and millions died. Our best measure of COVID-19 deaths is the World Health Organization (WHO) and its excess mortality data. The measure is imperfect because it only looks at...

7 Dec 2022
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