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The level of disruption in 2021 has not been as significant as in 2020, but the situation remains volatile

During the 47th session of the Global Fund’s Governing Board, the Head of Risk Management presented his report for the year 2021. Organised in three parts, his presentation gave the Board members a good understanding of the disruptions caused by COVID-19 in the implementation of grants (New...

19 May 2022

The Global Fund Secretariat provides the Board with an update on the next M&E Framework

The Secretariat updated the Board on the progress of the new monitoring and evaluation (M&E) Framework. Technical consultations have been ongoing for almost a year, involving more than 300 external experts. The new framework includes three layers of indicators: impact, strategy outcomes and...

19 May 2022

Calls for increased prioritization and visibility of the Community, Rights and Gender portfolio in Global Fund core operations

As the current Global Fund Strategy (2017 – 2022) is coming to an end and plans are underway for the implementation of another (2023 – 2028), 2022 provides an opportunity to reflect upon achievements, challenges and lessons learned for advancing community, rights and gender throughout the Global...

19 May 2022

Progress on the Seventh Replenishment campaign

The last agenda item before the closure of last week’s 47th Board meeting held between 10 and 12 May was an update on resource mobilization and the campaign for the Seventh Replenishment.

The Board were updated on: (1) the status of the Sixth Replenishment pledge conversions; (2) the...

19 May 2022

African Constituencies convene to discuss the Global Fund’s 47th Board Meeting background papers

After two years of virtual meetings, the African Constituencies were finally able to meet face-to-face at their Annual Consultative Meeting (ACM) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 27-29 April 2022. The two-day meeting brought together 70 representatives from 42 African countries and partners. Dr....

19 May 2022