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Global Fund Investments in Adolescents and Youth in Eastern and Southern Africa for the years 2018-2021

The Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (hereafter the Global Fund) was established in 2002 as a major financier of health programs. The Global Fund spends about $4 billion a year to finance programs implemented by local experts (Global Fund, 2018c) in more than 100 countries. The Global Fund invests in those diseases following a funding cycle of about three years. The current grant allocation period covers the years 2017 – 2019 and its implementation period 2018 to 2020. There are a few transition months to prepare for the next allocation period.

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GFO Issue 316

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Wed, 2017-07-19


Current GFO Articles

Action needed to scale up access to shorter, safer TB prevention and treatment regimens

As COVID-19 fatalities continue to decline, tuberculosis (TB) has reclaimed its position as the world’s deadliest infectious disease – killing 1.6 million people in 2021, the highest toll in nearly two decades. Since early 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted TB programs and other...

8 Mar 2023

OIG Investigation Report on Global Fund Grants to Sierra Leone


A 2019 Office of the Inspector General (OIG) audit had found serious deficiencies in financial controls, assurance activities and governance, and numerous indicators of fraud in grants implemented by Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS), including bid-rigging...

8 Mar 2023

The importance of human rights in the Global Fund’s Grant Cycle 7 funding requests


Ending AIDS as a public health threat by 2030 is intimately linked to the removal of human rights barriers in access to HIV and other health services. This is the conclusion reached by the Global Fund. Based on this, it has taken a very clear direction. As you can see from the...

8 Mar 2023

Countries know what’s coming: so why don’t they prepare better?

Dear subscribers

First and foremost, happy International Women’s Day! It would be great to start this Editorial with a stirring success story but unfortunately, it’s the opposite. Staff writer Amida asks why, after decades of increasing action, a woman’s lot is...

8 Mar 2023

OIG Audit Report on Global Fund Grants to Madagascar

On 25 November 2022 the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) issued its report on the audit of Global Fund grants to Madagascar. The audit's overall objective was to provide reasonable assurance on the adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of the grants.  The objectives, ratings and scope of...

8 Mar 2023
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